"If you don't have this, go out and get it!" - Tom Coxworth, CKUA Alberta

"A really wonderful recording!" - Bill Wagman, KDVS Davis, California

"Pure class!" - Gil Wilson, KCXL, Liberty, Missouri

"Ain't nothin' like the real thing. These cats are!" - Kathy Kirby, See Magazine

"...blends the traditional blues genre with a modern touch...a great audio pictorial of what the blues can convey." - Peter Hofmann, Discorder

"...One of the best releases I've heard in a long time!" - John Detcheverry, CKUT Montreal

"...Pure toe-tapping roots music that meanders along at its own pace, like a cool mountain stream." - Mary Lamey, Montreal Gazette
Schuld & Stamer w/ Bill Bourne - "No Special Rider"
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