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"The great lineup includes producer Andreas Schuld, Hans Stamer, Linda Kidder, Taylor James, Long John Baldry, and many more, in fine voice with the kids of Vancouver's Tyee Montessori Elementary along on most of the tracks. The production is superb and - if it isn't churlish to say so - there might have been more than the 39 minutes here. But maybe they're saving some for a second volume. Buy that too, if this is any indication of what's going on there." - Juergen Gothe, CBC Disc Drive, Georgia Straight Weekly

"A wonderful song collection children of all ages will enjoy."  - BC Parent

"People certainly don't need to be a child to find themselves grinning when they hear Baldry's sandpaper vocals on Woody Guthrie's Why Oh Why, or the barrel-house piano on Wayne's version of The (Rocking) Mockingbird...this is good folk music for children of all ages."  - Gregory McGuire, The Casket
Various Artists - "Come Sing With Us!"