Hans Stamer - "Everything Happens to Me"
Catalogue Info
Artist: Hans Stamer
CD Title: Everything Happens To Me
Label: Blue Streak - brouhaha records group
Product ID: BSCD09001
Release Date: 2009
Chris Nordquist
- Drums
Rene Worst - Acoustic Bass Graeme Coleman - Piano
Russ Marsland - Acoustic Guitar
Tom Colclough - Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet
Steve Hilliam - Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax
Adam Rohrlick - Wurlitzer Piano, Tenor Sax
Daryl Havers - Hammond Organ
Robbie Steininger - Dobro
Vince Mai - Trumpet
Andreas Schuld - Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Recorded at Bakerstreet Studios & Skeena's Place Vancouver, BC, Canada
Recorded by Paul Baker and Andreas Schuld.
Mixed by Andreas Schuld.
Mastered by Paul Baker at Bakerstreet Studios.
Layout & Design by Tom Carter
Cover Photo "Man in Rain" by Ruth Orkin
© 1952 Ruth Orkin

Produced by Andreas Schuld
Recorded 2009