Artist: The Hans Staymer Band
CD Title: The Hans Staymer Band
a/k/a "Dig A Hole"

Label: brouhaha records group
Product ID: 20160202
Release Date: 2016
Hans Staymer
- lead vocal and harmonica, acoustic guitar
Robbie King - RMI piano (left hand bass); organ and acoustic piano
Eddie Patterson - guitars, 6-string banjo
Wayne Kozak - electric sax
Paul Burton - drums and percussion
The Blossoms - background vocals
Produced by Don Hamilton and Robbie King for Zanadu Productions Ltd.
Engineered by Don Greppert
at Studio 3 in Vancouver. "She Caught The Katy" and "Come Together" recorded at Aragon Recorders, Vancouver, BC.
Mixed and Mastered at Sound Recorders, Los Angeles.
Photography by Jon Mahler. Cover design and art work by Frank Palmer.
The Hans Staymer Band (1972)
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