Bill Bourne: Farmer, Philanthropist & Musician
Artist: Bill Bourne
CD Title: Farmer, Philanthropist & Musician
Label: Blue Streak Records - brouhaha records group
Product ID: BSCD97002
Release Date: 1997
Bill Bourne
- Vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica & fiddle
Shannon Johnson - Violin
Andreas Schuld - Electric, acoustic and classical guitar
Alan MacLeod - War pipes
Jo Jo Rynde - Mandolin
Jim Morrison - Bass
Solomon McDade - Bass
Rondo Rynde - Bass
Kenny Chalmers - Drums
Todd Macleod - Drums
Jack Hiles - Drums
Iain MacLeod - War pipes
Shannon Johnson, Sandy Scofield, Jenny Allen, Colleen Eccleston and Mike Viens - Background vocals
Produced by Bill Bourne.
Executive Producer - Andreas Schuld
Recorded by Bill Bourne, Colin Lay, Al Lamden, Don Armstrong, Andreas Schuld and Craig Stauffer.
Recorded in various studios and live at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival.
Mixed and remixed by Daryl Hok, Bill Bourne and Andreas Schuld at MagicLab Recording, Surrey, BC, Canada.
Mastered by Sid Perez at Mainline Sound Design,Vancouver, BC, Canada
Recorded between 1989 and 1997.

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Bill Bourne - "Farmer, Philanthropist & Musician"
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