Artist: Dave Haddock
CD Title: keep it simple
Label: ear/muff - brouhaha records group
Product ID: EMCD02001
Release Date: 2002
Dave Haddock
- Guitar & Vocals
Andreas Schuld - Guitars
Paul Bergman - Bass
Chris Nordquist - Drums
Daryl Havers - Keyboards
Jesse Zubot - Violin
Tim Porter - Slide guitar on "windfall"
Produced by Andreas Schuld
Recorded by Daryl Hok and Craig Stauffer
Recorded at the fabulous MagicLab. Additional tracks recorded at Skeena's Place.
Mixed by Daryl Hok, Andreas Schuld, Louis Sedmak and Dave Haddock
Mastered by Paul Baker
Recorded between 1998 and 2001.
Dave Haddock- "keep it simple"
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